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Miles Winter Roberts is renowned for his uplifting, summer–laced acoustic island sound, no doubt inspired by his early years living on Ibiza.

Introducing... Beach Funk!

August 2011 saw the birth of a whole new genre: Beach Funk. Coined one afternoon post-soundcheck in Las Dalias, Ibiza, Beach Funk sums up exactly what noise Miles has been making for the last ten years. Just hours earlier, the brand new band had been christened 'Miles Island' as they ran through the night's set on stage at the hippy market. Miles had been given the musicians at 6pm that day, for a show at 9. The show was great, the band and the name stuck. As more shows came up, so did radio interviews and recognition. It was to be a very head-spinning summer... 2012? Bring on the Beach, Bring on the Funk... ;-)

(from 2011)
From Farnham to Guilfest…
(via Ibiza, Hamburg, Moscow, Cannes, USA, Belgium and Bangkok…)

A 'not-so-local' local played Guilfest this year. Born in Farnham but raised in Ibiza, Miles Winter Roberts attended Guildford Technical College way before the concept of Guilfest had been thought about.

A regular on the local Wine Bar Scene with his twin brother Guy and college friend Gavin Thomas back in the early eighties, they made a cheeky impression with ‘Wandering Hands’, which they took to Ibiza in ’84. The twins returned to the island in ’85 and were snapped up by a German record label in Hamburg by November of that year, and subjected to Euro Disco performances all over the East Block. They won the prestigious Sopot festival in ’87 in Poland, and went on to tour the GDR and neighbouring countries over the next two years, with high-profile TV appearances.

The Wall fell in ’89 and after a failed attempt to ‘get the West’, the brothers went their own ways and Miles grounded his percussive rock band, Miles From Nowhere, in Hamburg, to local success.

Back in the UK since ’94, Miles has been keeping busy, from writing for film soundtracks to performing to Hollywood A-listers on yachts in Cannes, and singing to Madonna in intimate restaurants. A debut MWR album, ‘Shoo-Lallelujah…’ appeared in 2000, then under ‘Winter Roberts’ a number of recordings were done with the great Steve Brown of Wham! fame (& The Cult, Manic Street Preachers) which resulted in a big-banded EP ‘Escapado’ and a live album ‘Daymaker’ in 2006.

Currently spreading his time performing all over Europe and DJ collaborations in Asia, Miles has developed a unique chunky Acoustic Beach style, 'Beach Funk', with songs that go straight into your head. At the same time, he is heralded as a ‘musician’s musician’. A qualified entertainer, his one-man show is as compelling as when he fronts a band.

His song-writing has won prizes at international song festivals (Sopot in Poland, Cesme in Turkey), landed him film soundtracks (Goose! with Chevy Chase), and his personal style has lead him to perform in front of Rock, Pop and Hollywood royalty (Axl Rose, Madonna, George Clooney respectively). Refreshing.

The creative process never ends, expect for from 'Miles Island'...

Presently based in Ibiza, Spain.

For more info, please email!

Album Releases:
“Shoo – Lallelujah…” CBCD001
“Daymaker” S7CD003

...and I'm in the Austrian newspapers... Danke Ronald!;-)

What another dream day. Emerald green sea, cool breeze at 28 degrees, a velvet carpet of sand. A cold beer, a little nap on the beach under the sun umbrella, reading a little about Indian mysticism. The desk could not be further away. Does such a thing exist?
Now it's almost midnight, and at the beach-bar "Guarana" sings a man named Miles on his acoustic guitar. Voice like a rasp, virtuoso fingering technique. The musician is clearly a pro. "I'm going where the sun keeps shining, through the pouring rain, skipping over the ocean like a stone." Oh yes, up and away, that's it. Leave everything behind and follow the sun.
Later, Miles comes to our table and talks of his life. He is British, but raised on the island. He wanted to achieve something with his music in Germany, Poland, England, France. But his dreamy style of songs were just a little outside the "big business" - although he should be a star, if life were a little fairer.
He is musical flotsam on the island. And he sings every night in front of holidaymakers, sings of their dreams. One song is called " They Say". It's about the evening of life, when you have left the world of work behind you, and say to yourself. "Now I'll let life be good for me". Only now it's already late. Unfortunately, often too late. Late songs, then...
Dreams are like foam, like the waves, that roll over in white tops and roll out on the beach of life….



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